" My glasses, my glasses."
- Sayuri in various episodes

Sayuri Hida
Name: Sayuri Hida
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Sayuri Hida is part of the Assault Squad in the Best Student council.


Sayuri is a portrayed as a shy and introverted member of the Best Student Council's Assault Squad. Her main weakness is that she's nearly blind without her glasses.


Sayuri is a quiet, shy girl. Her best friend is Rein, whom is often exuberant and extroverted. She's seldom without her bamboo practice sword, with which she's effective to the point of being "deadly". She sometimes portrayed as a stoic individual and loyal to Nanaho and the other members of the Best Student Council.

Beneath her quiet exterior, she's hold a good deal of emotional pain for reasons that are her and Rein's secret. She eventually works through it though with the help of her friends, and some people from her past. She's willing to stand up for herself when she needs, even calling out Nanaho at one point on something she perceived as wrong.